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seasonal specials

There’s always something to savour on our Catch of the Day seasonal specials board.

Our delicious specials feature the freshest catch of the season.While Anstruther Fish Bar and Restaurant is renowned for its traditional, delicious haddock supper, our customers also enjoy our ever-changing seasonal specials.

Our lovely location in the heart of Fife’s picturesque East Neuk means we are able to source some of the world’s finest food locally – as fresh and delicious as it can be.

That’s why our Catch of the Day board boasts a series of seasonal specials which offer a new experience every time you visit.

Herring is one such delight. But catch it while you can – it’s usually only available from mid-June to late August. Fresh-filleted, coated in oatmeal and cooked to perfection, it’s a firm favourite with locals and wholesomely packed with healthy fish oils.

Fresh turbot, monkfish and halibut are also given the famous Anstruther Fish Bar and Restaurant treatment, while our own local smokehouse supplies our mouth-wateringly flavoursome smoked haddock – lightly brined and smoked over oak shavings just a few miles down the road in St Monans.

And – given the East Neuk’s reputation for world-class shellfish – it’s no surprise that we offer the freshest, in-season lobster and crab. These luxurious delicacies come straight from the creels of Anstruther fishing boat ‘Aye Ganty’ and often appear on our specials board between late spring and early autumn.

Local lobster is cooked simply and served in its shell, while crab comes traditionally ‘dressed’, combining white and dark meat for the best flavour, or in the form of home-made crab cakes.

Meanwhile, why not try a little of everything with our mixed seafood platter, offering a taster-sized selection of our most popular Scottish seafood?

Keep a close eye on our Catches of the Day, and discover just how ‘special’ they really are!


Halibut – another fresh Scottish delicacy which often graces our Catch of the Day board – can grow up to four metres long!

Lobsters are thought to live as long as 150 years.

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