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fish processing

All the fresh fish supplied by Argofish to Anstruther Fish Bar and Restaurant is expertly hand-filleted in the traditional way.

With East Neuk fishing ancestors dating back centuries, Robert Smith expected to follow his forefathers to sea.

Colourblindness meant he couldn’t skipper a trawler, however, so Robert launched his own East Neuk fish processing business, Argofish, in 1980.

Now, as well as selling to local fish merchants, Argofish supplies the freshest Scottish fish to the famous Anstruther Fish Bar and Restaurant – co-owned by Robert and his wife Alison since 2003.

With such a strong heritage in the fishing tradition, Robert knows that freshness, quality and consistency are the keys to keeping his discerning local customers satisfied.

It’s an early start for Argofish every morning as they scour the fish market for the freshest and best haddock, lemon sole, halibut and other North Sea species enjoyed that same day by customers of the award-winning Anstruther Fish Bar and Restaurant.

Then it’s back to their base in St Monans to begin hand-filleting the fish. It’s a painstaking, skilled process, but essential to achieve the highest possible standards. Doing the work by hand is the best way to ensure the fillets are as bone-free as possible, and to ensure waste is kept to a minimum.

Argofish also take pride in their smoked haddock, prepared the traditional way. Smoking the lightly brined fillets over oak shavings gives the fish a delicate, mouth-watering flavour and succulent texture.

Argofish opens at 8am Monday to Saturday and closes at 6pm except on Saturday when it closes at noon. Telephone: 01333 730006.


Visitors are welcome to see fish being prepared at Argofish, Unit 1A, Netherton Industrial Estate, St Monans KY10 2DW. Manager Steve will even help you choose your fish and hand-fillet it while you watch!

With some 120 years of experience collectively, Argofish’s four-strong workforce can hand-fillet over 340 stone of haddock in a week.

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